Get Her... If You Can

¿Qué te juegas?

Roberto (Rey) and Daniela (Salamanca) are two brothers who live in a world of wealth and glamor thanks to the shipping company they inherited from their father. Both share the direction of the company, although they have a completely opposite attitude to life: Daniela is thorough and perfectionist; Roberto, on the other hand, is a visionary genius who hates the meticulousness of his sister. However, both find the way out of their disagreements when they fall in love with the same woman: Isabel (Dolera), a monologist who Roberto has hired to seduce Daniela and so be as fun as she was before taking the address of the company.

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1h 30m 2019 56 views

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  • Original title: ¿Qué te juegas?
  • Release date: 29-03-2019
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year:
  • Directors: Inés de León
  • Rating: 0 votes