Orgasm Restaurant

오르가즘 레스토랑

My room was dark. My jeans were being removed; then my boxers. I lay there, completely exposed, before…who? Was that 3 hands I felt? Clad in only my shirt, I waited for my sister’s mouth on my cock. But instead, I heard her speak: ‘Just sit down! Don’t worry; he’s out, trust me.’ Another person was in the room, too; I heard Jenna’s voice but I couldn’t hear what she said as she whipered. Jill continued. ‘Be quiet and watch, I’ll show you.’ Then, finally, I felt Jill’s hand on my dick. She stroked my balls with the other hand and soon she massaged me into a full 10 inch erection. I heard Jenna say ‘Move over a little, I can’t see it!’ I felt Jill move on the bed as she continued stroking my shaft. My eyes were adjusting to the light from the hallway and I could see Jenna sitting in the chair near my bedroom window, wearing a grey cotton pajama set consisting of shorts and a top. She wasn’t wearing that when she met us at the door…Jill wore a white nightshirt that ended just above the knees. Jenna was staring at my cock.

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  • Original title: 오르가즘 레스토랑
  • Release date: 05-08-2019
  • Genre: 18+
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